Lush, Green and Welcoming….. Your Turf Matters

Turf Care Schedule One more round of Granular Fertilizer to complete this year's treatment schedule. Please call if you need additional treatments.

Turf Care

Keep it Green. For many clients, their lawn accounts for a significant portion of their outdoor landscape. Our full service turf care programs can help maintain these areas, and our specialty services can rejuvenate and restore tired turf.

Lindsay Landscape prides itself on have an effective, thorough and safe turf care program for both our residential clients as well as our commercial properties. We always start the turf care season off with a spring fertilizer application, followed by aeration and an application of Fiesta for broadleaf weed control. A late spring fertilizer is applied and a hand weeding of perennial turf weeds is done. In July we apply a summer fertilizer followed in mid August with another round of Fiesta. Come late August we begin applications of Nematodes to control grubs, we do an overseeding along with another aeration. Early September means an early fall fertilization with the final fertilizer application in early October. Phil talks about the safety of weed control here:

As well as our regular Turf Care Program we offer specialty services to meet your needs. These include slit-seeding, topdressing with overseeding, seed bed preparation and dethatching.