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Although the rain has settled down slightly, according to Environment Canada, 2017 it will go down as one of the rainiest years in our recorded history.

Here are a few tips for you to help ensure your lawns can deal with another summer like 2017!


  • Try and keep your lawn well aerated. Ideally twice a year to keep the compaction to a minimum. This will help with drainage.
  • Be sure your lawn is properly graded. You want to ensure that there are no low spots where the water can puddle. You also want to make sure that water does not sit up against the foundation.
  • Over-seeding your lawn once a year once the cooler, late summer temperatures arrive. This will help keep a thicker lawn with a more complex root system, which helps your lawn absorb more water.
  • Once the lawn is very wet, try and avoid walking on the lawn. This contributes to soil compaction and therefore further worsening the drainage problem.

As we head in to August, let’s hope that the rain stays away, giving our lawns time to dry out a bit. On the other hand, we do not want it too dry, that is a whole new problem! If that happens, don’t worry we will send you some tips to help you deal with that as well.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

The summer of 2016 is looking like it is headed to the record books. While we all wait anxiously for warm summer weather, extremes like this year can play havoc with your lawn.

Urban Lawn

Shady city lawn

Naturally, our first instinct is to water like crazy, but there are a few things to keep in mind. If you are lucky enough to have a big shade tree in your yard, your lawn will likely come through a drought situation better than most. Yes, the trees do suck up some of the moisture, but protection from that intense sun helps protect the lawn.

Water wisely. Try not to water in the middle of the day. First thing in the morning is best, with evening being the next best choice. While watering is important, keep in mind a few good deep soakings are better than many short sprinkles.

When the lawns turn brown in a heat wave, in most cases, they are not dead, but only dormant. The leaves or crown of the plant dies back but the root systems are still alive. These can survive about 6 weeks with little water. It is important to water during a drought but don’t worry if the lawn still looks brown, even if you have watered it. Keep in mind those roots are okay and once the regular rain comes the lawn will usually green right up.

Something else to keep in mind is that when the grass is dormant, it is more prone to damage. Chinch bugs are very active in the heat, and can kill the grass if the heat is prolonged.  Also, keeping off the grass as much as possible is a good idea. Don’t know what chinch bugs look like? Check here:

Another thing to keep in mind when the hot weather begins is to keep your lawn a little longer than usual. We recommend about 3-31/2 inches. This also encourages deeper root growth as well. Ensuring your lawn is well aerated also helps any moisture you apply get down to the root system.

A mature, well established lawn will of course withstand drought conditions better. Keeping up with a regular turf care program will in the long run mean a more drought tolerant lawn. Keeping in mind that during a severe heat wave do not apply any weed control treatments. Once the drought is over, return to your regular watering cycle and maintenance.