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Today is the day! Although we have been preparing for the construction season for a while now, today the construction crew is starting our first project of the year.

When we start fresh each year, we have a vision of what we hope to accomplish for our clients. Maybe a beautiful new entranceway, or backyard, but we also hope we help to improve their lives. For some clients it is about taking an overgrown yard and making it more manageable for them to maintain. For others it is about safety and accessibility. Sometimes though, it is all about beauty! Everyone wants to look out and see a beautiful yard, or a beautiful entranceway when they drive up to their home. DSC_0009

The good news is that money spent on landscaping your home is a good investment. Proper landscaping can help you see a good return on your financial stake. Adding value as soon as the work is completed and which over time will appreciate. A well landscaped home will also sell faster, something to keep in mind if you are planning on putting your home on the market.

Start with a good design, keeping in mind that outdoor living is a huge trend in today’s market. Think about adding a fire pit, a dining area and remember to incorporate some shade in to the mix. DSC_0059Don’t forget to add lighting to accent key features of your yard, like a lovely weeping mulberry, a vine covered obelisk or trickling stream. Adding trees, native plants and a nice green patch of lawn all make for an inviting yard.

We are excited to get started and will share photos and videos as we progress.